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“I installed the EverClean Filter
on a new 50-gallon marine tank,
and the results have been rather
amazing.  There was never the
usual parade of nuisance algae
that I have always had with my
marine tanks.

I was skeptical about the
EverClean Filter, but this is the
best, easiest, most problem-free
marine tank I have ever had -
and I am sure the EverClean Filter
is the reason why.  I encourage
hobbyists to try it.”  

David Lass

Aquarium Fish International Expert
ITF -- June 2011.pdf
Expert’s Review
the world’s easiest designer aquarium
EverClean Aquarium
Tired of maintenance chores?  
Transform your existing tank
into an EverClean Aquarium
for as low as
$129.99 !!!
60 Days Money Back
ECF specification
Extremely easy to clean, no vacuuming, no hassle.

Stylish and elegant design that fits any home or office settings

Easy to setup, simply place it on top of a sturdy furniture like a console table.
Extremely low maintenance cost.  An EverClean Aquarium  virtually requires
no spending on supplies and accessories.   
The world’s only aquarium that remove fish waste automatically!
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